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EchoStar Continues to Add Channels to High-Speed Interactive Television Broadcast Service

LITTLETON, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 20, 1999--

EchoStar to Offer, MBT International,,

SimplyTV and Networks for Interactive Satellite TV

EchoStar Communications Corp. (NASDAQ: DISH, DISHP) is excited to announce today the addition of five new interactive channels on EchoStar's new on-demand convergent service:, MBT International,, SimplyTV and Networks.

This high-speed interactive broadcast service, scheduled to debut late 1999, will provide subscribers with high-speed multimedia information and entertainment through their televisions using specially-designed EchoStar satellite receivers, all delivered through a small satellite dish. EchoStar will also demonstrate its interactive channel service at EchoStar's Team Summit '99, a company tradeshow involving over 1,100 nationwide DISH Network retailers May 20-23.

EchoStar's interactive channels will incorporate the best features of the Internet and TV, providing interactive multimedia accessible by a click of the remote control. In addition to on-demand interactive multimedia, EchoStar's interactive service will offer the ability to download software, games and electronic publications.

EchoStar's interactive channels will be priced both individually and in packages, allowing subscribers to customize their programming services. Content will be delivered to televisions -- providing high-quality audio, smooth video images, dynamic graphics and text -- all in digital format.

"From news and weather to horse auctions and sailing the seven seas, EchoStar is committed to providing a wide variety of choices for our interactive customers from a multitude of subject areas," said Mark Jackson, senior vice president of Satellite Services at EchoStar. "From the most recognizable names in entertainment, news, technology and special interests, EchoStar will make programming available for every area of interest. These new interactive channels will make an attractive addition to our high-speed interactive broadcast capabilities.", MBT International,, SimplyTV and Networks, join EchoStar's previously announced interactive channel lineup of, LAUNCH, Bloomberg Financial Markets, The Weather Channel, MediaX, Pseudo Programs, Tech Talk, EMNetwork, Salon Magazine, SuperMarkets Online and E! Online, with more interactive channels to follow.

INTELLICAST.COM contact: Michael Sikillian, Senior Product Manager Weather Services International 978/670-5186 is the Internet's leading site for supplying weather for active lives, with up-to-the-minute specialized weather for sailing, golf, beaches and hiking, in addition to comprehensive local weather information worldwide. will produce three interactive applications specifically for satellite-delivered broadcast: Sailing Planner, Golf Planner and Travel Planner. Sailing Planner is an interactive planning tool to help sailors, windsurfers and boaters plan outdoor activities. Golf Planner will help golfers plan their games around local weather conditions. Travel Planner will include a worldwide weather summary for major destination cities, an almanac of typical weather conditions, as well as maps of current temperatures and wind conditions. Each will be updated throughout the day and will combine full motion video, interactive animations and richly-detailed local weather maps to help the sailor, golfer or traveler plan activities. is provided by Weather Services International (WSI Corporation), a subsidiary of TASC, Inc., and a Litton Industries company (NYSE: LIT). WSI is one of the world's largest suppliers of real-time weather data, imagery and weather forecast services to customers in the broadcast media, aviation, utilities, government and agriculture markets. can be found on the Internet at

MBT INTERNATIONAL contact: Allen Salzberg Wolfe Axelrod Associates 212/370-4500

MBT International is the leading provider of agricultural products and services over the Internet. From passive auctions, like the current Horse Exchange where customers can view horses and participate in cattle auctions through high-quality audio and full-motion video, to purchasing farm and heavy equipment like combines and tractors, MBTI will incorporate its website content with visually dynamic multimedia and online purchasing capabilities. In addition, MBTI will utilize its vast library of established titles on the agricultural industry and is prepared to deliver over 1,000 special interest video programs to EchoStar's interactive broadcast service. MBTI's focus on the $300 billion agricultural marketplace combined with its highly-regarded websites,,, and, creates a tremendous opportunity to provide new and desired services to an affluent, growing audience. MBTI is located on the Internet at

SAILINGNEWS.COM contact: David McCreary Sailing Source 607/387-6347 is part of the Sailing Source network of over 135 sailing related websites. This new channel will feature daily news from around the world, plus weekly video programs featuring the world's most prestigious yachting events. The Sailing Source client roster includes the International Sailing Federation, the world governing body for the sport; the Royal Ocean Racing Club, the premiere offshore racing event organizer; the Offshore Racing Council; nearly every Olympic Sailing Class; and many of the world's top sailboat builders, sailmakers and accessory manufacturers. As one of the most reliable information sources about the world of sailing, will provide EchoStar's interactive channel customers access to thousands of photos, information about daily events and weekly industry and product news. can be found on the Internet at

SIMPLYTV contact: K. Bacchus SimplyTV 212/736-1999

SimplyTV offers a wide array of fully interactive, on-demand multimedia and entertainment from 80 different domestic and international content providers. Each major channel category is subdivided into microsubjects, with content provided in full-motion video, including 5 to 30 second commercial broadcasts. Presently, SimplyTV has over 51,000 hours of video programming, enough for 24 hours of continuous viewing for nearly six years, incorporating audio, video, text and animation to enhance the interactive viewing experience. SimplyTV possesses key advantages in its understanding of the interactive culture and the ability to deliver entertainment and informational programming.

WOMEN.COM NETWORKS contact: Kathy Sanguinetti Networks 650/378-4908 ( is a leading Internet network dedicated to women, featuring award-winning original content, personalized services, community and online shopping. The network is comprised of more than 90,000 pages of content organized into 19 topical channels, including career, entertainment, family, health, home and garden, horoscopes, technology and Internet, and pregnancy. The company enjoys strategic relationships with The Hearst Corporation and Rodale Press, Inc., enabling to offer an online newsstand featuring content from 11 of the world's leading women's magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Prevention and Redbook.

Other innovative interactive channels previously announced to debut on EchoStar's convergent service this winter include:

BLOOMBERG FINANCIAL MARKETS: Bloomberg will offer instantaneous transmission of customized interactive news information, such as Video News on Demand, News Headlines on Demand, Interactive Weather and Financial Market Data.

E! ONLINE: E! Online is the premier entertainment destination on the Internet delivering original news, gossip, celebrities, movie and TV information to consumers through an interactive format utilizing the brand awareness and programming of E! Entertainment Television.

EMNETWORK: EMNetwork is an interactive music and entertainment network offering a fully integrated interactive experience including quality audio and full motion video, visually compelling animations, chat communications, real-time viewer polls and text with graphics.

LAUNCH: LAUNCH Media is a digital media company dedicated to creating the premier entertainment destination for discovering new music and produces and LAUNCH on CD.

MEDIAX: MediaX Corporation appeals to a young, techno-savvy audience and is an award-winning developer and publisher of multimedia entertainment software and real time 3-D games, as well as producer and publisher of new media content for entertainment companies and e-commerce.

PSEUDO PROGRAMS, INC.: Pseudo Programs is a leading provider of original "Net-TV" entertainment -- television-style programming over the web -- targeting a young, hip audience and covers niche topics ranging from B-movies to computer games, from Hip-Hop music to professional wrestling.

ROLLINGSTONE.COM:, part of network of music sites, will offer daily news, reviews, feature stories, over 1000 full-length music videos on demand, the Web's largest collection of exclusive, downloadable photographs, as well as over 30 years of archives from music's most venerable publication.

SALON MAGAZINE: Salon Magazine is an award-winning Internet publication that covers culturally poignant news and issues, books, the arts and technology.

SUPERMARKETS ONLINE: SuperMarkets Online offers the industry's only secure online coupons through ValuPage, a collection of coupons, recipes, rebates and offers from leading branded goods manufacturers and accepted at over 11,800 supermarkets across the country.

TECH TALK: Tech Talk is a cross-media production facility delivering daily and weekly Web and radio shows relating to a variety of technology and computer information heard and seen by more than a million people worldwide.

THE WEATHER CHANNEL: The Weather Channel will provide the best features of its website and successful TV channel, featuring current local, national and world weather maps, five-day "planners," and inform viewers about upcoming weather events in a specific region.

EchoStar Communications Corp. includes three interrelated business units:

- DISH Network™ is EchoStar's state-of-the-art DBS system that

offers customers over 300 channels of digital video and

CD-quality audio programming, fully MPEG-2/DVB compliant

hardware and installation.

- EchoStar Technologies Corporation (ETC, formerly HTS™ -

Houston Tracker Systems, Inc.), designs, manufactures and

distributes DBS set-top boxes, antennas and other digital

equipment for DISH Network and various international customers

that include ExpressVu Canada and Telefonica's Via Digital system

in Spain. ETC also provides uplink-center design, construction

oversight and project-integration services for customers


- Satellite Services provides the delivery of video, audio and data

services to business television customers and other satellite

users. These services include satellite uplink, satellite

transponder space-usage and other services. Satellite Services

also administers SKY VISTA, a direct broadcast satellite service

offering up to 27 channels of popular digital satellite

television programming to viewers in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico

and the U.S. territories in the Caribbean.

DISH Network currently serves over 2.3 million customers. DISH Network is a trademark of EchoStar Communications Corporation. HTS is a trademark of Houston Tracker Systems, Inc. DISH Network is located on the Internet at:


CONTACT: EchoStar Communications Corp. Judianne Atencio, 303/723-2010 or Marc Lumpkin, 303/723-2020

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