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EchoStar Announces Interactive Television Broadcast Agreement

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 7, 1999--

    EchoStar Teams Up With Interactive Channels to Offer Best Features of
    Internet and Television for High-Speed Broadband Subscribers

EchoStar Communications Corp. (NASDAQ: DISH, DISHP) announced today EchoStar's interactive multimedia programming for a new convergent service. This high-speed interactive broadcast service -- scheduled to debut summer 1999 -- will provide subscribers with high-speed multimedia information on their televisions and personal computers, all delivered through an 18-inch satellite dish.

EchoStar's satellite broadcast will incorporate the best features of Internet sites with interactive multimedia, accessible by a click of the mouse -- or remote control. In addition to on-demand interactive multimedia, the service will offer the ability to download software, games and electronic publications.

EchoStar's interactive channels will be priced both individually and in packages, allowing subscribers to customize their own programming services. Content will be delivered to both personal computers and televisions alike -- providing high-quality audio, smooth video images, dynamic graphics and text -- all in digital format.

"EchoStar's new interactive channels will make an attractive addition to our high-speed interactive broadcast capabilities," said Mark Jackson, senior vice president of Satellite Services at EchoStar. "We are committed to providing a wide variety of choices for our high-bandwidth customers. From the most recognizable names in entertainment, news, technology and information, EchoStar will make programming available for every interest area."

In the summer of 1999, EchoStar will debut the service with the following new channels: Bloomberg Financial Markets, The Weather Channel, MediaX, Pseudo Programs, Tech Talk, EMNetwork, Salon Magazine and E! Online, with more to come in the future.

BLOOMBERG FINANCIAL MARKETS contact: Lisa Chajet Press Relations 212/893-3412

Bloomberg's interactive channel offers four main features: Video News on Demand, News Headlines on Demand, Interactive Weather and Financial Market Data. The Video News on Demand feature allows subscribers to view video clips covering world and national news, financial market updates and business. News Headlines on Demand offers the latest headlines and stories in business, technology, sports and world/national news. Interactive Weather provides both the current and five-day forecast for over 100 cities worldwide. Financial Market Data furnishes the latest data for currencies, commodities, economic statistics and equities. Instantaneous transmission of customized interactive news information is just one of many dynamic features Bloomberg's interactive channel offers. Bloomberg can be accessed on the Internet at:

THE WEATHER CHANNEL contact: Kathy Lane Director, Audience Promotion & Public Relations 770/226-2102

The Weather Channel, already a popular channel on EchoStar's DISH Network, will provide the best features of The Weather Channel's Internet web page with the best features of its successful TV channel, featuring current local, national and world weather maps that can be accessed with a click of the mouse or remote control, five-day "planners," and inform viewers about upcoming weather events, such as impending storms or hayfever season, in a specific region. The Weather Channel can be accessed on the Internet at:

MEDIAX contact: Paul Frendlich MediaX Rogers & Cowan 212/545-5858

Founded in 1996, MediaX Corporation is an award-winning developer and publisher of multimedia entertainment software and real time 3-D games, as well as producer and publisher of new media entertainment content for entertainment companies and is an e-commerce provider. Headquartered in Culver City, Calif., MediaX owns and operates a digital production facility in Santa Cruz, Calif. MediaX appeals to a young, techno-savvy audience, providing a network of entertainment celebrity websites and an e-commerce site that offers 265,000 entertainment titles, including audio CDs, videos and DVDs. MediaX will deliver programming and online purchasing for a broad spectrum of entertainment interests. From "On the Road with B.B. King," an interactive exploration of B.B. King's life, to exclusive information and live events from Rod Stewart's Official website. Using EchoStar's high-speed satellite broadcast, MediaX will incorporate the best features of its Internet site with richer interactive multimedia, online purchasing opportunities. MediaX can be accessed on the Internet at:

PSEUDO PROGRAMS, INC. contact: Andy Morris or Mark Hazlin 212/685-4300

Pseudo Programs, Inc., is a leading provider of original "Net-TV" entertainment -- television-style programming over the web. Each week, produces and netcasts over 40 interactive Net-TV shows from its studio facilities in New York City and Los Angeles and will offer its programming for EchoStar's new convergent service. Pseudo's programming targets a young, hip audience with a 15-to-25-year-old demographic, and covers niche topics ranging from B-movies to computer games, Hip-Hop music to professional wrestling. Viewers can experience Pseudo through multiple venues, including the website, Pseudo's individually branded website "channels," and now via EchoStar's satellite broadcast. Pseudo can be accessed on the Internet at:

TECH TALK contact: Jeff Yablon President & CEO Tech Talk Broadcasting 888/639-5954, ext.203

Tech Talk is currently seen and heard via radio and PC connections by more than a million people worldwide. Its website is owned-by Tech Talk Broadcasting, Inc., a cross-media production facility with operations in Chicago, Des Moines, New York, Washington D.C., Melbourne, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; Port Elizabeth, South Africa; and Vancouver, British Columbia. From "The Computer Answer Guy," Tech Talk's popular weekly answers to listener queries, to "World Technology Roundup," a daily review of breaking technews from locations around the globe, Tech Talk delivers daily and weekly Web and radio shows relating to a variety of technology and computer matters. Tech Talk can be accessed on the Internet at:

EMNETWORK contact: Roxana Kaveh Breakthru Communications for EnterMedia Network Company 408/777-9364

EMNetwork is an interactive music and entertainment network transmitted over Internet, satellite and cable that was launched on the Internet June 17, 1998, with a variety of interactive programs. EMNetwork viewers interact with programming on a scheduled basis with other viewers so that they never experience the same program twice -- even with multiple viewings. EMNetwork shows offer a fully integrated interactive experience including quality audio and full motion video, visually compelling animations, chat communications, real-time viewer polls and text with graphics. EMNetwork can be accessed on the Internet at:

SALON MaGAZINE contact: Patrick Hurley Marketing Director Salon Magazine 415/882-8732

Salon Magazine is an award-winning Internet publication that covers culturally poignant news and issues, books, the arts and technology. Founded in November 1995 by David Talbot, former San Francisco Examiner Arts and Features Editor, Salon Magazine is critically acclaimed and was selected as Time magazine's "Best Web Site of 1996" and Advertising Age's "Online Magazine of the Year." Salon Magazine won a 1997 and 1998 Webby Award for best online magazine and recently won the Society of Professional Journalists award for "Best Online Investigative Reporting of 1998." Salon Magazine can be accessed on the Internet at:

E! ONLINE contact: Melissa Zuckerman Director, Public Relations E! Online 213/954-8241

E! Online is the premier entertainment destination on the World Wide Web delivering original news, gossip, celebrities, movie and TV information to consumers through an interactive format utilizing the brand awareness and programming of E! Entertainment Television. E! Online also operates, Your Complete and Personal Movie Connection® located at, and, the Internet's one-stop shop for entertainment™. E! Online, Entertainment's Home Page™, is a wholly owned subsidiary of E! Entertainment Television. E! Online can be accessed on the Internet at:

EchoStar Communications Corp., includes three interrelated business units:

- DISH Network™ is EchoStar's state-of-the-art DBS system that
    offers customers over 300 channels of digital video and
    CD-quality audio programming, fully MPEG-2/DVB compliant
    hardware, installation, financing and leasing.

- EchoStar Technologies Corporation (ETC, formerly HTS™ -
    Houston Tracker Systems, Inc.), designs, manufactures and
    distributes DBS set-top boxes, antennas and other digital
    equipment for DISH Network and various international customers
    that include ExpressVu Canada and Telefonica's Via Digital system
    in Spain. ETC also provides uplink-center design, construction
    oversight and project-integration services for customers

- Satellite Services provides the delivery of video, audio and data
    services to business television customers and other satellite
    users. These services include satellite uplink, satellite
    transponder space-usage and other services. Satellite Services
    also administers SKY VISTA, a direct broadcast satellite service
    offering up to 27 channels of popular digital satellite
    television programming to viewers in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico
    and the U.S. territories in the Caribbean.

The DISH Network currently serves over 1.9 million customers. DISH Network is a trademark of EchoStar Communications Corporation. HTS is a trademark of Houston Tracker Systems, Inc. DISH Network is located on the Internet at:

     CONTACT:  EchoStar Communications Corp.
               Judianne Atencio, 303/723-2010            
               Marc Lumpkin, 303/723-2020                

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