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EchoStar Launches FOX News Channel

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 7, 1999--

DISH Network to Broadcast 24-Hour FOX News Beginning January

EchoStar Communications Corp. (NASDAQ: DISH, DISHP) announced today that it will add the FOX News Channel to its America's Top 100 CD package at no additional charge. The FOX News Channel, produced by FOX Network, provides 24-hour-a-day live news broadcasts and distinctive programming for the next generation of news viewers. FOX News covers issues such as politics, family, sports, entertainment, health and business.

"DISH Network subscribers will enjoy the 24-hour news coverage FOX News will offer and its strong commitment to the highest quality of news on television," said EchoStar's Vice President of Programming Michael Schwimmer.

"Our vision brings together all the components that make for a more innovative, more informed presentation of the news that affects us all," said Suzy Feldman, vice president of Western Region Affiliate Sales and Marketing for FOX News Channel. "FOX News Channel has become the new standard for TV news in America. We've set our goal to be the premier TV news service in the 21st Century."

FOX News Channel will be shown on channel 205 starting Jan. 8, 1999.

EchoStar Communications Corp. includes three interrelated business units:

o DISH Network™ is EchoStar's state-of-the-art DBS system that
    offers customers over 300 channels of digital video and
    CD-quality audio programming, fully MPEG-2/DVB-compliant
    hardware, installation, financing and leasing.

o EchoStar Technologies Corporation (ETC, formerly HTS™ --
    Houston Tracker Systems, Inc.), designs, manufactures and
    distributes DBS set-top boxes, antennas and other digital
    equipment for DISH Network and various international customers
    that include ExpressVu Canada and Telefonica's Via Digital system
    in Spain. ETC also provides uplink-center design, construction
    oversight and project-integration services for customers

o Satellite Services provides the delivery of video, audio and data
    services to business television customers and other satellite
    users. These services include satellite uplink, satellite
    transponder space-usage and other services. Satellite Services
    also administers SKY VISTA, a direct broadcast satellite service
    offering up to 27 channels of popular digital satellite
    television programming to viewers in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico
    and the U.S. territories in the Caribbean.

The DISH Network currently serves over 1.9 million customers. DISH Network is a trademark of EchoStar Communications Corporation. HTS is a trademark of Houston Tracker Systems, Inc. DISH Network is located on the Internet at:


CONTACT: EchoStar Communications Corp. Judianne Atencio, 303/723-2010 or EchoStar Communications Corp. Marc Lumpkin, 303/723-2020

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