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EchoStar, Philips Team Up to Sell DISH Network Satellite TV Systems in Target Stores

LITTLETON, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 31, 1999--

Target, Nation's Third Largest Discount Retailer, to Distribute Philips DISH Network Satellite Television Systems EchoStar Communications Corp. (NASDAQ: DISH, DISHP) and Target, a division of Dayton Hudson, Corp., announced today an alliance for the distribution and marketing of EchoStar's DISH Network™ digital satellite entertainment television systems to customers at all 881 Target stores nationwide.

Target, an upscale discount retailer and one of the fastest growing, has begun marketing and selling DISH Network satellite receivers and dish antennas to its guests. Target will carry DISH Network's multi-room ready models branded by Philips Consumer Electronics. Installation of the dish antennas will be performed by EchoStar's national installation network.

"EchoStar is pleased to partner with Target, a fast-growing national retailer that is innovative in delivering hot new products to many of the same young affluent shoppers that would purchase a small dish satellite TV system," said Jim DeFranco, EchoStar's executive vice president. "This agreement gives DISH Network a cost-effective way to expand the distribution of its pay television services while at the same time increasing Target's product line in high-end electronics. EchoStar will now have access to a larger number of shoppers who will have full advantage of the more than 350 channel choices DISH Network has to offer."

"The introduction of Philips DISH Network satellite TV systems in Target stores solidifies the relationship between Philips and Target," said Travis Kelton, Philips Director of Marketing for Digital Video Systems.

DISH Network serves approximately 2.7 million customers and offers over 350 crystal-clear, CD-quality audio and video channels providing entertainment television, local broadcast TV networks and international programming. DISH Network programming starts at only $19.99 per month for 40 popular digital channels like CNN, ESPN, The DISNEY Channel and Discovery Channel. DISH Network also offers sports packages, international channels and top-rated DISH-On-Demand pay-per-view services.

EchoStar Communications Corp., includes three interrelated business units:

-- DISH Network™ is EchoStar's state-of-the-art DBS system that

offers customers over 350 channels of digital video and

CD-quality audio programming, fully MPEG-2/DVB compliant

hardware, and installation.

-- EchoStar Technologies Corporation designs, manufactures and

distributes DBS set-top boxes, antennas and other digital

equipment for DISH Network and various international customers

that include ExpressVu Canada and Telefonica's Via Digital system

in Spain. ETC also provides uplink-center design, construction

oversight and project-integration services for customers


-- Satellite Services provides the delivery of video, audio and data

services to business television customers and other satellite

users. These services include satellite uplink, satellite

transponder space-usage and other services. Satellite Services

also administers SKY VISTA, a direct broadcast satellite service

offering popular digital satellite television programming to

viewers in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. territories

in the Caribbean.

DISH Network currently serves approximately 2.7 million customers. DISH Network is a trademark of EchoStar Communications Corporation. DISH Network is located on the Internet at:

EchoStar V, EchoStar's newest, state-of-the-art, high-power direct broadcast satellite, is scheduled to launch from Cape Canaveral, Fla., on a Lockheed Martin Atlas IIAS rocket on Sept. 10, 1999.

About Philips

Royal Philips Electronics of the Netherlands is one of the world's largest electronics companies and Europe's largest, with sales of US$ 33.9 billion in 1998. It is a global leader in color television sets, lighting, electric shavers, color picture tubes for televisions and monitors, and one-chip TV products. Its 227,600 employees in more than 60 countries are active in the areas of lighting, consumer electronics, domestic appliances, components, semiconductors, medical systems, business electronics, and IT services (Origin). Philips is quoted on the NYSE, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and other stock exchanges. News from Philips is located at

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