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DISH Network, Broadcasters Cooperate To Maintain News in Face of Tampa Storm

Loss of Power Prompts Replacement of Some Local Channels

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (Aug. 13, 2004) - DISH Network arranged with broadcasters in Tampa, Fla., to provide satellite TV customers with access to local TV channels even as a severe storm threatened to cut those customers off from their critical flow of news.

Establishing public safety as a priority, DISH Network and its broadcasting partners agreed to set aside business interests and contractual rights, focusing instead on the effort to ensure that satellite TV viewers continue to stay abreast of storm developments.

As a result, DISH Network obtained permission to replace three Tampa TV signals with signals out of Orlando, where news crews were also closely monitoring the storm. Broadcasters in Tampa affiliated with CBS (WTSP, Channel 10), NBC (WFLA, Channel 8) and Fox (WTVT, Channel 13) allowed DISH Network to import the Orlando sister stations temporarily after DISH Network's receiving station in Tampa lost power.

Also, the ABC affiliate in Tampa (WFTS, Channel 28) established an alternative means for DISH Network to receive its signal, sending it directly to Atlanta, where DISH Network was able to pick it up via another receiving station.

"We are grateful for the spirit of cooperation displayed by all the broadcasters in Tampa, who set aside their federally established rights long enough to keep the public fully informed about this dangerous storm," said Eric Sahl, vice president of Programming at DISH Network.

DISH Network is the satellite TV service of EchoStar Communications Corporation, with 10.12 million customers nationwide.

The Orlando stations that became available to Tampa viewers were WKMG, Channel 6 (CBS), WESH, Channel 2 (NBC) and WOFL, Channel 35 (Fox).

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